Monday, August 18, 2014

Beauty is the underdog! (repost)

I wish my work was more political but another idea for protesting is supporting artist who are showing another side of America’s youth. I had posted this story before but I feel it’s just as important now; it’s from a woman who contacted me saying my art show was the only art show she saw that night at the DTLA art Walk that protrayed black as beautiful.  Beauty is the underdog!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My “awe huh” moment

\So somebody in Isaac’s house tells him to “act normal” Isaac is my ten year old godson.  What the adults are trying to say to him is to behave because he is misbehaving but the language that is being used is to “act normal” and so he has come up with a short list of comebacks and one of them is, “there is no such thing as normal”.

When he said it the idea just blew me away; it shook me.  His words took me to church. As a creative person this should be my motto.  And Of course it’s easy to say that’s common knowledge but what is common knowledge, isn’t always exercised or practiced as adults.  Children are purer in character. I was humbled. I welcomed this idea, I let it soak, and it was my mantra for the day.

 I used to struggle with my imagination, I was afraid of it. I didn’t trust it. It’s not because I have a dark scary imagination, I was afraid of being wrong, I was afraid of being not liked, I was afraid of being ignored.  I used to throw ideas away because I didn’t value my own thinking.  This was very much my mind set last year.  And when I stopped being afraid the images started to come to me, I became busy bee, and what happen was I started booking more paid gigs. And it wasn’t my camera or technical skill set that people where hiring me for it was my imagination.  That was my “awe huh” moment.

I have two art shows coming up and like everything in life there is static and friction, what are you going to show? We want you to show new work, this work doesn’t look completed, is it print ready, will people come to the gallery? It’s part of the gig.

And when I hear, “there is no such thing as normal” I say YES! Normal is a fallacy and I needed that reminder.

Monday, August 4, 2014


I will be exhibiting a few pieces at
 THE LIBERTY Art Gallery
435 Alamitos Ave, Long Beach, California 90802
Saturday, August 23 at 7:00pm - 11:00pm