Monday, June 27, 2011


I get a few of emails asking me about retouching and it can be a touchy subject because some photographers prefer little to none. For me it’s an image by image basis, some images need more some need very little. There is not one edit that fits all images. It’s like playing doctor. The other question I get a lot is how you know what to do to an image. I sit and stare at the image and if I’m bored I play with the image just to play. The photo above is an outtake and I asked myself what I could have done to make this image something to look at. I know a lot of photographers who delete their outtakes I sit and stare at them and learn from the mistakes. Another touchy subject is a photographer showing their raw (unedit) files, it’s touchy because nae sayers look for reason to discredit a person’s skill or talent but I’m already use to the nae saysers. My goal is to produce awesome images and I’m willing to use both my photography and digital skills to get there. I don’t need to rely on either skill because I’m talent at both. (I had to put in that disclaimer in lol)

Last point I’m available for tutoring on lighting and Photoshop, I have my own studio and I find because I’m intense passion for creating images that others benefit from my extreme focus.


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