Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Month Portrait Promotion

March is my Birthday Month and I decided to have a little promotion.
Part of my success as a local photographer has been my love for reading (what else) photography books. The promotion is simple you buy me a used or new photography book from my amazon.com wish list and that gets you a portrait session with me. It’s a bargain because most of the books are about 25 dollars.

Most the books are about critical, color, or lighting theory, which helps me self-educate and strengthen my photography skills.

I will not take cash; you can email me the receipt or pay with an amazon.com gift card (which is also sold in stores) the session can take place after March but the book purchase must be made in March for promotional rate.

My only limits with the portrait session is location I would prefer to shoot in my home studio or at least keep it in Long Beach.

I understand this is going to make professional photographers upset, but my main goal at the moment is building a strong photo mind and I can’t do it alone and its temporary after the 31st I will go back to my original price of 150.00 per photo session.

And most recently Scott Canty Curator at LAMAG called my portraits, “tender and intimate”

Thanks, and help me spread the word.


Amazon Wish List Link


I was able to raise 10 used Photo books and two Graphic novels with my bday portrait promotion, I would like to thank everyone who participated

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