Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anthony Opens Up

One of my instructors keeps asking me why I keep shooting abandon buildings. What was the reason behind it? I knew I was attracted to them but I didn’t have a verbal answer. And at that time I told him it was my gut instinct to shoot them, but there is no poetry in that statement. When I’m doing an art show and a person is asking me why I shot an image, they don’t want to hear “because I wanted to” Then recently a good friend and I were talking about my past relationships and he said, “You have abandonment issues” I was shocked at the truth and I had to think about it. My friend was dead on.

My father died when I was eight months, my mother had given me away to my grandmother when I was four. My grandmother kicked me out when I was sixteen. Growing up it was important to me not to be a victim of these situations and I ignored any damage these situations might have caused me.

I don’t think it’s the whole answer to why I shoot buildings but I think I’m getting closer to the truth about me and the art I create.

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  1. I know it took a lot to share something so personal. It's inspiring.